Grey herons, Seagulls

I am back looking after the dogs on 90 Mile beach for a few days. I told you about them  six weeks ago.  They live in a lovely house with a view right onto the white foamy Tasman Sea.  Lucky…dogs.

Last night the four of them and I went for walkies just before the setting of the sun.  I was in hobble-mode because the ‘pains’ in my ankles were ouchy and so the walk was slow and not that far up the beach.

We timed the walk to hit the ramp a bit before sunset to avoid all the tourists who wander down from the carpark to take photos.  They are fun to watch; they look all happy and frolic along the water line.

  After the sun sets a few stay for awhile.  But they never stay for the best bit…it is that time ‘between’.  There is a time when the sun has gone over the horizon and after 10  mins the light, strangely,  gathers power.  The power comes from this time of in ‘between’, being not light, not dark. Twilight. 

When this happened last evening, the sky divided into two parts.  One half going south down to Ahipara was all dark clouds from sky to sea, like a block colour.  Where I was, well my half going north  was a pale blue sky, the most pure expression of pale blue.  This backdrop of colour held light streaks of bright rose  clouds.  

It moved me to tone the words Om Tara, words I have become more and more familiar with since Judy Satori’s retreat on the Coromandel in Februrary. The toning became a song with those two sounds.  When I did this the dogs at first looked at me with great concentration.  Then the big dog came and lay at my feet.  A few seconds later the other two also lay around me, filling up the space on the ground. 

I found that amazing…to me they were grounding the energy.  And they have never sat with me before on the beach, they usually too busy off doing their own thing.   

A dark grey single cloud, lower in the sky that those that were rose coloured, looked exactly like a grey heron.  That was beautiful!

When I had ended the toning and looked down for a moment, I raised my eyes again to see six seagulls flying in the middle of the sky.  I mean, I had looked down for a few seconds from a birdless sky and then  suddenly, these birds  appeared from nowhere right in the middle of my view. 

It was an incredible experience.  All the people were long gone so we were the only ones to experience the beautiful sight.

  The dogs and I had the whole beach to ourselves on the way back to the ramp. Bliss.

5 thoughts on “Grey herons, Seagulls

    • What a lovely experience.
      What you are saying about the dogs grounding the energy … I have felt that too.
      When I went to that Merlin Vortex Energy healing course there was a wee dog there who lay one of his paws on my foot when I met him. I am not the most grounded of people a lot of the time … and felt that this was what he was doing too… grounding my energy. Like you … I am growing to enjoy dogs more these days.

  1. Hey Matariki,
    Happy Birthday for the other day. I tried to comment on that page but the four lines I wrote promptly disappeared when I tried to post it ….twice.
    Isn’t it wonderful when dogs communicate. My experience was enriching and your experience…well to me that sounds so memorable too. All this time I’ve been thinking dogs were only good for slobbering and jumping up at me….

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