25th April

Anzac Day was yesterday.

 People wrapped up warm to go out at dawn to commemorate dead men and the wars that killed them.

 I wasn’t around when those wars swept the planet and I don’t make a judgement (not much eh!) about what inspired and pushed and informed those men, often very young men, to pick up guns and shoot at other young men just like them.

 They had more in common with each other than they ever had in common with the big wigs on their own sides. The generals and politicians ….I don’t think those coots had much in common with the men in the drenches on either side.

 Those generals and politicians seemed to me to act more like the enemy than the enemy. Making the troops perform mass suicide…like on the Western Front. Sending them to slaughter.

Why weren’t those guys deemed war criminals?

Why were men who suffered shell shock and ran away, shot for cowardice?

Why why why….so much weirdness.

I’m asking why in the context of the time and place…not in the context of the bigger question….what possesses us to consider ‘us’ so different to ‘them’ that we want to rip their insides out with a baynet, drop bombs on them that makes the fat on their bodies boil.

 Once, well actually at my first Judy Satori retreat, I had an experience about those wars. It was a retreat held over Anzac weekend about six years ago. We were up at the Tara sanctuary and I have no idea what we were supposed to be doing.

There was the most beautiful Buddhist male chant playing on the cassette player. I was holding hands with Judy on one side and a friend on the other. Quite quickly I began to see souls cowering in a very deep pit, deeper than deep.

Souls from those wars.

It felt like Judy was seeing them too because when I encouraged one to go to the light – and it did, Judy’s hand appeared to tighten a little. Getting the souls to release their fear and lift themselves up was really easy it turned out. They just needed one ounce of encouragement. They flew up with such lightness and joy. With laughter.

Whenever a group lifted skyward my head would automatically rose skyward too. It felt like Judy was doing the same thing. I have no idea if she was though…it just felt like that.

So that was a beautiful Anzac Day celebration…and my only experience of participating in 25th April.

1 thought on “25th April

  1. War stories. Always make me wonder why us human had to kill each other. Unfairness. Greed. Ego. Lots to think about……
    ps. Sorry it does not make sense at all (lol)

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