Thelma and Louise and a coat.

Yay!  I’m Home.

This is the first time I have returned from the South Island and found myself happy to be back in the Far North of NZ.

Up until now I have always felt flat when I hit the energy of the place I live.  And I have felt, coming back from the past three trips south, that I  have  left my heart down there…maybe on a spiralling patterned  mauve stone on a Haast Beach, or on the lilt of a bellbird.

I know, I go on eh.

But this time I felt an opening, a lightness, a joy to behold, as we drove into my homeland – north beyond the  Kerikeri/Hokianga boundary line.

The trip south  was….. divine and sublime ….and don’t you worry…I’m gonna tell you all about it.  Or bore the pants off you.  I don’t care….you are my friends….you’ll put up with me eh.


But I’m starting at the end.  And telling you this one little end  bit that happened.

So….we’re on the flight from Christchurch to Auckland – Thelma and me.  We’ve demolished the teeny in-flight snack they’ve given us and munched through a yummy and hearty homemade date and ginger scone made by my lovely friend in Oamaru.

So there we are, full as ticks and I think….I’m a bit bored now. So I say to Thelma, “look at that woman’s coat” ( she was sitting in the next seat to her).  It was gorgeous, fit for a New York catwalk.

So Thelma starts up a conversation with this woman.  They talk awhile and the woman asks where we’re from.  Thelma says Kaitaia.  She says, oh my god….I’ve just moved there!!

First off, that coat does not belong in Kaitaia, a rural community of gumboots and swandris.  So we were surprised to hear this place name associated with that coat.

Then she told us…”well, I actually haven’t lived there long”.  And then it turned out that two weeks ago she’d been ‘called’ by the Lord to  move from Auckland to Kaitaia to …..well, I can’t quite remember the details now though at the time I understood what she was on about.

She did say that there was a opening, a gateway happening …starting from Ahipara…at the south of Ninety Mile Beach and travelling up the beach. A “gateway”…this word held my gaze.

Now, this is what I have been getting too.  This movement of air travelling north. This gateway.  When I walk on the Ninety Mile Beach I feel it and always start walking up the beach as a sign of acknowledgment to the energetic.

She also said that a few other people had dropped everything, dropped their lives in other places, and made their way to Kaitaia in the last month or so.

So I thought that all this was in keeping with the joy I felt on my return home on Saturday.  That something was definitely “up” in Kaitaia and surrounds.

Kewl eh.  I feel like this region may become Party Central, or one of the Party Centrals for The New Earth.

Lights, action.  I’m in the right place for a hooley.

I love that Irish word hooley.  They know how to Partee!!