The Obama Health Care Plan…just jokin’

I am on a conventional medical kick at the moment.

I dsecribed last time  that ‘the guys’ told me to go to my GP and follow the establishment route.

This is so not me – and it’s so not them usually  either.  They used to say…hell no, don’t you go anywhere near those pharmaceutical drugs.

I told ya how I had blood tests (brrrrrr) recently  -and today I went for  an xray.

That’s a funny word – xray.  I wouldn’t really trust a word like that.

I wasn’t sure I was even going to get to the appointment after  intorducing my body to a drug called methoblastin   this morning, prescribed to be taken once a week.

I have already been taking prednisone for three days ( I can’t say I felt much different…still really sore off and on).  But after I took this little  beige number at about 9 am, I found instead of my slow  deliberate walk, my only mode of locomotion was the shuffle.  Little shuffles, like when you have your feet tied together.  I shuffled for the rest of the next 3 hours – also I wanted to burst into tears. I finally came right shortly before leaving for the xrays.

While I was getting the xrays done, and the radiographer had gone off to adjust something  – I looked around the room and thought…wow,  people won’t go to places like this in the future.  Instead of sitting in a sterile, clinical space like this, people will go to….well, I don’t know what these places are called  cos they haven’t happened yet.

But…it will be like this.  People won’t ever say they feel sick or ill or diseased.  This is not how they will express their health status.  They will say, I feel I need a top up of love…

Cos they’ll know then, in this new time – they’ll be “aware” that love is the life blood of the new human form…the Homo spiritus….. form that’s just over the horizon.

They’ll walk into  this place I don’t know the name of… and love will flow through their bodies.  Like they are being plugged into electricity. Where will this electricity come from?…  People there will click into the love flowing through the.. well…ummmm… they’re like lines, sound lines, song lines….I don’t know the details.  Once you’re in there, you receive love and then automatically give love.  I mean, you can’t hold onto to love eh…it’s not something that you can make a profit on.  Stick the excess in your back pocket and buy a porsche.  You receive and you give.  That’s how you stay healthy.

For once health care will actually make sense.  Not dollars and cents.








After three years of going through ‘amazing’ pain I am now on the mend.

For three years I have gone through the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis…this has often been debilitating… this type of arthritis is in the chronic pain category.

Sometimes I have screamed with the exquisiteness of it, sometimes I have cried…crying was very helpful in reducing the amount of pain gripping my body.

What  has it felt like?  At first, in my fingers,  if felt like a cross between bee stings and having been badly burnt.  My fingers swelled like fat little cheerios and I could not use them.  My feet felt like the bones had all been crushed and the soles of the feet felt like I had stone bruises.

My ankles joints felt as though the bones shattered every time I moved on slightly uneven ground.

But over the past few months I have begun to feel so wonderful.  It feels like I could run up a bloody big hill.  Energetically I feel this, even though  physically I can’t quite manage it…..yet.

When I first got ….I was going to say …when I first got sick, but sick is such a non-sense word.  Very victim-orientated.

Even at the most painful of times, I have never felt I was ill or diseased.

I reckon I chose to have this incapacitation, this time of stillness for growth, this time for focus on soul truth.

When I first got….this new filter to see the world and myself through…I actually did go to the Dr and he wanted me to have blood tests.

I was so terrified of needles at that time that I never did get the blood work done so I never did get an actual  diagnosis.

And I really thought I would have energetically healed myself in a year or so.

This was not the case.

I have been through a great deal of victim energy during these three years…It was a constant theme and habit I fell into.  I kept feeling a victim of the pain and then I wanted someone to feel sorry for me. That’s so weird actually…to feel that way.

Underneath all that sad-sack energy I had a deep and profound knowing that there was a point to the arthritis…if I could unlock the door  and find the ‘point’ I would see great riches.

Well,  I feel I am on the point of breaking through that door.  I feel  incredibly well and healthy, like the cells of my body are positively fizzing. Luminescent.

This is in contrast to my physical body which is very stiff… and I can’t move it with ease.  It feels sometimes like a python has wrapped itself around my limbs and won’t let go.  It’s a funny feeling.

About a month ago I went back to the Dr.  This is because I got a “message” to say, you can go to the GP now.  It’s okay. ( In the early days I got a message not to go. Something to do with the drugs affecting my ability to click into energy.)

So I made an appointment  and the Dr gave me a referral to have a blood test. Well…it took 3 weeks for me to get the courage to get poked with a needle.  Me and my  phobia!!

The blood results came in last week and I made an appointment with my GP yesterday.

I was so so delighted to find out that I was to see Lance O’Sullivan, who was standing in for my regular GP.

I saw Lance on the tele a few weeks ago.  He was on Maori TV discussing how he had resigned from his post from the local Maori health organisation. He resigned because his bosses were very unhappy with him seeing patients for free.  Some people, he said, simply couldn’t afford to pay…he was not going to make them.

Anyway when I saw him speak on this TV programme  I thought, he’s a great guy, really a caring person, very down to earth, looks like a grea tDr too. …I’d love him to be my Dr.

And the next week I get to see him ….so cool.

So he was really fantastic, there was a flurry of activity from him; he called a specialist in our big city hosptial two hours away and talked in great detail about what he should do. He put me on a course of tablets and asked me to see him again tomorrow… he would have more time then  to fully explain what he was recommending for me and he wanted me to be fully informed.

He was brilliant.

The bit I haven’t told you yet is that he is absolutely gorgeous.  So when he said he wanted to see me again tomorrow…I nearly leapt out of my chair with sheer delight.

Also, he asked for another blood test……

Guess what…I only sat in the car for half an hour wondering if I could find the courage to get poked again by the needle.

Then… I just walked right in and met a really lovely vampire, okay phlebotomist.

I told her how I had just come from an appointment with Lance and suddenly, we found ourselves waxing lyrical together about the health benefits of seeing him on a regular basis.

Apparently every woman in my town reckons he is a complete tonic…no need for pills.

We laughed so hard a nurse called in to see what was going on…twice.

Yep…I laughed right through my phobia.

I’m cured eh.





I am still in a lull.
Since the transit of Venus…it’s been qu-i-et.
That’s shorthand for ….I haven’t had any downloads of information  which provides me with ahas or insights.  
No downloads make me grumpy.
Being grumpy pulls me back into 3D – I see the world only in 3D.  I gotta say….that’s quite a boring perceptive.
Yep, I know I chose to be grumpy…I could choose something else.
Anyway…this morning (which is gorgeous by the way) I’m gonna tell you about the download I got before the recent trip to the South Island.
The words that came were “southern lights”.   Being a big fan of  the aurora Australis, I obviously thought it meant we’d get an eyeful of this spectacular light display.
And obviously …it didn’t mean that at all!
…so we were on the way to the West Coast via Lewis Pass.  We had had a really lovely stop at Maruia Springs where we slid into mineral hot pools and watched  fat lazy clouds lay back against deep green West Coast bush.  It was lovely.    
When we left Maruia Springs for Reefton,  it  was rain, rain rain with dark cloud tails swishing around the hill tops.  The trip did not suggest anything to do with ‘light’.  
About 20 mins before we arrived in Reefton I said to Thelma, wow, I get something about ‘light’; we will see light  -or the sun will come out so brightly, “there will be light”, once we get to Reefton.
I kept on about this ‘light’…I was channelling the energetic you see.  I couldn’t really get a handle on what the energy was telling me so I wasn’t making much sense.  
…we drive almost into Reefton and suddenly Thelma says…did you see that? 
I look blank.
She does a U-turn and stops in front of the sign telling motorists that they are now entering the town.
The sign says Welcome to Reefton.  The Town of Light.
I thought wow!  How cool is that.  I didn’t know why Reefton was describing itself as Town of Light and right then I didn’t care either.  It was just so inspirational to see those words…Town of Light. How many towns call themselves that…I’ve never met one. 
As we got into Reefton the sun suddenly came out, (as I said, the weather had been rainy and dark right up to that point).  To me the light there was extraordinarily bright, it felt like the world was being bathed in light.  Beautiful.
So that was my first experience with southern lights…
More southern lights coming up.
By the way, Reefton was the first town in the Southern Hemisphere to switch on electric street lights.
 Who knew eh. 

Things that go Bump in the Night

On the trip to the South Island recently, Thelma and I had an hilarious night at Gillespies Beach.
Gillespies Beach is about 30 km from the small settlement of Fox in South Westland. There’s a Dept of Conservation carpark there – it’s quite new and attractively landscaped with flat stones and driftwood.  You are allowed to camp there for a koha or donation.
I have always wanted to go this beach because it is quite remote and off the normal tourist route. On other trips through this part of the country, there has never been enough time to stop and explore this out of the way place.  On this trip Thelma and I figured we could spend two nights here.
So we drive out there late in the evening.  A white car overtakes us about 10 mins before we arrive at our destination.  It drives fast on the narrow winding gravel road…we think the two guys in the vehicle are probably locals,  they seem to know the road pretty well.
We park up near the white car and at about 8.30pm we turn the lights out for the nightly ritual…which is telling stories about the day’s events through pictures.  I show Thelma a slideshow of the day’s photos on my cheap but sweet digital camera and she would show me videos and pics on her expensive but crappy (I’ll tell you about that later…) i-phone.
So the lights are out and I’m in full story mode …”this is why I took this picture”….”I was interested in this shot because”…….I can go on…..
Then suddenly there’s a click outside…like someone is trying to open the campervan door.
We turn the light on and have a discussion about what that noise is and then we turn the light out again and resume the slideshow.  Except then we hear another noise…like someone is moving about outside.
This happens once or twice more and so we get really scared.
….not helped at all by Thelma telling me things like the guys in the  white car keep getting in and out of the vehicle….why are they doing that!
(In Northland where we live, there have been instances of locals robbing tourists in remote areas.)
After that Thelma grabs all sorts of utensils…like big knives and big forks….we have one in each hand for awhile. I think she had two of each in her hands….
I  get scared because Thelma keeps saying scary things.   She’d say something scary then  I’d  look scared, then she’d see me look scared and scare herself silly. 
We are hilarious when we go on holiday together!!
Eventually, when I was about to pee my pants from fear, Thelma said she was going to jump in the driver’s seat in the dark and drive the campervan to park in between two vehicles that were a little way further off.
I sat in the back all wild-eyed and ready to poke someone with my sharp knife and proddy fork.
Thelma was very brave and negotitated the manoeuvre. We felt immediately safer in our new parking space and went to sleep.
The next morning we were making breakfast….which is hard to do when you can’t find any utensils.
Thelma would say, “I need a ….” whatever the utensil was she needed and I’d produce it from under the bed clothes.
The bed made a cutlery clanging noise when I got up….
Talking about our scary night over breakfast we realised we really enjoyed our frightful experience ….it was  fun…like going to see one of those dopey faux horror movies.  Like the Blairwitch Project.
The boys in the white car turned out to be lovely  tourists who were getting in and out of their car because they had pitched a tent beyond the carpark and kept going backwards and forwards to set up the tent for the night.
The sound outside turned out to be three wild sheep.  We met them coming back through the carpark in the morning on their way to their day pastures.  They were a fine looking family group, two ewes and their ram.  They were on their way to their night camp when we heard those weird sounds.
By the way….I had another scary experience in the campervan later in the trip….  Thelma was not there to increase the fear ratio.
We were parked on a suburban side road off Papanui Rd, a main route in Christchurch city, to cook a meal. Thelma went out for a walk as I got out the pots and pans.
I was part way through stirring something or other when suddenly this car screeches to a halt.  The car stops  directly opposite the van.  There is lots of laughing and loud talking  from a group of young guys and then whoosh, bang, all hell breaks loose as sky rockets go off all around me.
These guys, it felt like, were aiming fireworks at me – all I could see through the curtains were exploding rockets and all I could hear was whizzing and fizzing noises.
The boys finally left  after having a good laugh and I scuttled or scurried – whichever one is quicker- out of the van and flew up the road to Thelma… who, I noticed…. was  laughing  just like the fireworks fiends. 
Then the police showed up and the neighbours came out….
Then the police went away and the neighbours all disappeared.
Everything was quiet again in suburban Christchurch.
Our trips are such comedies.

Waiting for The Good Bit

A few nights ago I listened to Judy Satori’s June full moon transmission and ….really really wanted to go Home.
I asked, can I go home now? The answer was…you’re getting to the ‘good’ part now.
Their defintion of ‘ the good part’ means that I have been waiting all my life for the bit that’s coming up.  It is just a matter of waiting a bit longer.
You know…I’m sick of waiting. I’ve been waiting 53 years mate!!
I’m over it!! I’m in only child tantrum mode…give me what I want now or I’m scream this house down!!
….guess I’lll have to wait then.  See how my tantrums don’t last very long these days.
When I was in Oamaru toning (or sound healing) with the two goddesses (and Lulu the cat) – the energy of Mary Magdalene came in so so strongly.
She said something to me…she said, in the third person….For She is the risen Christ…
This made complete sense to me and  was so elegantly phrased.  In six words she rewrote history.  She spoke of the history we are wiring (ohhh, nice typo, I meant to say writing ) into our DNA now.
This unlocking of codes,  activating helixes of information ….as yet  dormant.
Judy spoke in her moon recording of this unlocking too.  And this burst of creativity is coming to Earth via the Open Hearted People.
This is a Truth…unless the people of the planet are bursting with love….they cannot create the impossible (it seems to us now) leaps in science, medicine, technology that we will see as common place in the soon-future.  Soon-future is almost now… and even now is collasping.  I meant to say Time is collapsing.  But if Time doesn’t really exist…well why mention it eh. 
Anyway,  it’s just as well that the planet is being showered with the divine feminine, Christ consciousness, unconditional love vibrations…. 
 Allowing the impossible to take flight.

Life is What I Make It

I have been in a lull since my sighting of the transit of Venus on the steps of the Kaitaia library a week ago.

This time last Wednesday I was chatting with the German guy I met who was photographing the movement of a little black dot against the fiery backdrop of our Sun.


I still haven’t got over it…seeing it, experiencing it, feeling it.  I did not think it would have had so much impact on me. Let’s be honest, I didn’t think about it at all except it was interesting from a historical and astronomical point of view.

I did not read all the ‘spiritual’ definitions that  gathered in my email box, telling me what it all meant.  I wanted to come to it pure of mind…no preconceived notions.

I’m going over it all again for my own elucidation…and you being there helps bring together the energy for me to work with .  Don’t ask me to explain how that happens…I don’t know.

So…like I said, I looked at the picture that the German guy had taken, a few seconds before, and saw the sun with a teeny black dot in front of it .

At once I felt full of joy….I was already happy but this was another level on the Richter scale of happiness …this was a delicious bursting sensation of being on this planet, right now, experiencing all this. And a feeling of breaking apart or breaking open….like  when a chick cracks open the egg to begin life in another dimension or realm of being.

I didn’t feel the divine feminine energy sweep over the planet and through the galaxy until the middle of that night.  I got very little sleep…I was hyped, wide-eyed, I felt so alive, so well and healthy.  Even…so much younger.

Since then I have been in a lull.  Sort of lull-aby baby, sleeping like a baby.  When babies sleep they are flat out processing and growing and giving themselves space to recuperate from the onslaught of new sensations coming at them from all directions.

I feel like that.

I am seeing the world so differently now…since the transit.  That there is no me…there is an observable me that I can observe at a distance but the personality me is drifting away.  It is nice, it feels nice.  It’s a relief too.  It’s very new and hard to keep hold of at the moment.  I keep slipping away from it.

It’s so good to be alive right now.  The time is coming, the tide is turning.



I was given a Truth yesterday.

It came via the energy of the transit of Venus and an experience with a devout Muslim.

The devout Muslim was the father of a friend.  I learnt some things about Islam; I got to see  the practise of Halal food first hand, Halal is food that is lawful under Islamic dietary guidelines. These guidelines, gathered from the Koran, meant Papa could not consume pork products, among other restrictions.  It meant he could not eat at the cafes or restaurants in town because cooking utensils could be contaminated by pig meat.

I learnt that we had to drive 60 kms round trip to find a place for dinner – a restaurant that only served seafood  and was therefore deemed to be safe for him to eat there.

At the restaurant Papa was a bit shocked to see alcohol being served… he asked why is that? I thought, well, you’ve come to  a ‘western’ country…this is what we do.

When in Rome…

My friend said  her father  wanted to know who I was? What I did? How she knew me? And…because I wasn’t married….was I living with my parents?

I’m 54 years old!

If he had asked me this question…was I living with my parents? I would have asked, why do you want to know?

His two daughters were  very careful with his religious needs….in one case it meant that one of the daughters, a friend I had made at a ‘spiritual’ retreat, had to lie to her father about  knowing me.

She told Papa that she did not know me personally but through a third party…that way he wouldn’t ask me questions about the ‘energy’ work she participated in earlier in the year.

She said the retreat would be classed as anit-muslim.  This was amazing to me….the truth of the matter was it was not Muslim.  It definitely wasn’t anti-muslim.  The retreat was not about hating Muslims…or anyone else for that matter.

It wasn’t  a conspiracy against Muslims – although she seemed to think her father would see it that way .

Because my friend had lied about her relationship with me, I felt silenced….my friend had silenced  me for her father.  I felt so bloody angry inside…angry that I could not be my truth.

Yep, obviously I could be Me, if I chose to…it is my responsibility to be my truth, not anyone elses, but the energy the three of them held collectively completely isolated me.

That was weird because before I picked them up I had enjoyed a day filled with such fun and laughter with the people I talked to….then suddenly I am quiet and joyless.

The energy of male domination swirled around me, reinforced so strongly by the two women.

I couldn’t wait for them to leave…and I’m sure they felt the same.

In amongst all that I saw the transit of Venus …I met a German guy in town who had set up his camera at the entrance to the local library and I went up to him and  asked if he was taking pictures of the transit.  He showed me the fullstop (that’s Venus) attached to the Sun.  He had a piece of thick welder’s glass to look through too but when it was my turn, a cloud took away my view.  The lucky bloke who nipped in before me laughed with excitement at what he saw.

During the night I got an energetic coming through clearly  – it was the divine feminine ripping up the galaxy.  Pouring onto the planet.

It was so interesting to have the experience of feeling powerlessness and silent from this energy of male  domination and then be lifted up by this divine feminine experience.

The juxtaposition was striking.


Cat Wisdom

Cats.  Things have been happening with me and cats.

About five months ago a cat turned up at home, skinny as, and I fed the poor bugger because he was so hungry.

I did not want this cat….I have already, over the years, adopted six stray cats….four have been killed on the road and I still have La Nina and Toby, plus Spouting, an old cat of nearly 13 years that I got from a newspaper ad  and Angus, a Scottish Fold, who is a remnant of the days when I was intrigued by strange breeds.  Scottish Folds have little ears that fold forward….Angus McFangus looks like a cartoon character.

This cat that arrived recently….he was  ‘ugly as’.  And every time I looked at him, he said to me, don’t you know me, don’t you remember me?  I didn’t want to know him….I didn’t want another cat.

At every opportunity he’d look at me with piercing eyes, trying to receive some recognition of a time before.  This made me fidgeting.

Now… I have never done this before but I was desperate to extract myself from this cat…so I drove 8 kms away and dropped it off at a nice neighbourhood.  This is how the cat got to my house a few months before.  5 days later he arrived back on the doorstep asking for breakfast.  He looked fine.  I did two more of these trips in different directions – he came back in incredible time. 10 kms away….it took him 2 and a half days to get ‘home’.

Yep, I could have taken him to the SPCA but they were overrun with kittens at the time….this male cat didn’t stand much of a chance….I felt like they’d put him down.

Then I went down to the Mana Retreat in January and met a woman who looked into my akashic records.  When I got home from the retreat I had a session with her and asked “What’s with this cat and me.”.  That’s all I said, no other information was given to her.

She came back with…..this cat….you and this cat have had a past life together.  This was a time when the cat was your only true friend in the world.

So the cat lives here and pretty much rules the household.  His name is Al Pacino.  He sleeps in the old clothes basket every night and is a good mate to Angus.  He has stopped giving me those piercing looks and settled down to ordinary cat antics.

Forward to last week when I was staying with my friend Gloria in Oamaru.  I walked into her house and was immediately met by a  Oriental female black cat.  She said, Remember me?  I said to her, “long time no see”.  Gloria came into the room – looked at me, looked at the cat and said, “she knows you”.

Lulu and I have a great time together during the few days I stayed at her house in Oamaru.  She would look at me -, look through me really – and cuddle up and purr.  Once I said something that was not perfectly conscious,  a  drop in vibration happened because of it.  She lowered her eyes and looked back at me with a cat sigh of frustration.  It was a very quiet frustration – done with  eyes that slowly  lowered and then rose up again to meet me from underneath knitted eyebrows.  It was funny to watch.

She was always around when Gloria and I and another wonderful woman did sound healing together.  She would sit with her eyes closed and her body relaxed. Often I was ask, where’s the cat?  The girls would say, oh, she’s behind you.

, Lulu spent 10 mins in the campervan before we got in to drive off, screaming her head off. I picked her up and took her inside. I told her I had to go and I would come back and see her.

We will always be great friends and I miss her.