About three weeks ago I got the call to visit ‘hot spots’ in the Hokianga.  ‘Hot spots’ are energetic vortexes or gathering places of energy.

I had  Omapere on the list of places to visit,  plus Tane Mahuta, the great Kauri tree that has been standing on a vantage point in a forest in  the Far North of New Zealand  since about the time of Christ.  Recording time.

I went with my friend from Canterbury. I said ‘Canterbury’ because sometimes I can’t spell Lytellton, which is really where she’s from.  She’s from Lytellton….maybe I’ve spelt it wrong.

I was so excited to make the trip because this is a journey I rarely take, maybe once every two or three years I go there.  It’s not a long way away….it only takes a couple of hours to get to the most southern point of the trip….it IS ‘out of the way’ though,  which to me adds to the delightful nature of the place.

So off we go.  As you know…we stopped first for coffee and cake.  A staff member at the cafe told us about the Koutu Boulders, not far away.  I have never heard of the Koutu boulders before. You’d never know I was a local eh.  The bloke at the counter said “oh you should go”…then he went over to the map and showed us the way.

He said the boulders were like the ones at Moeraki….which most NZers know about.  We followed our noses and arrived about 20 minutes later.

The boulders turned out to be absolutely delightful.  I felt a sense of playfulness around them.  The light was incredible too.  It was an overcast sky yet there was so much light everywhere.  I’ll see if I can find a pic of this scene…words aren’t doing it for me today.

There was also an hilarious interlude at this part  of the trip.  We arrived at the carpark – there was a map telling us we had arrived at the Koutu boulders and showing the area …and my friend says, after we had stopped the car and looked out at the sign….she says….. ooohhh, the boulders are quite far apart aren’t they!.

Seriously…you had to be there ‘cos she was looking at the line of bolts holding the sign to the timber framing.  I sat there not saying  a thing…I mean I didn’t burst out laughing or anything!!

We got out of the car and she went closer to investigate the map and yep…got the giggles..  From then on….you know…..if we ever go together to see boulders again, for sure, I’m gonna have to say ”  Hey Annette, do you want to go and see some bolts?”

The next stop was Omapere.  Omapere has been an eye-opener for me in the past. Once a friend and I went to the lookout there and felt such a strong energy vortex.  We both squealed with delight at exactly the same time.  It was startling and soooo invigorating.

This time, this other friend…well she didn’t even manage to get out of the car at first.  She went off  into a sort of deep meditation, or ‘away with the fairies’, is another way to say it.  She just ‘popped off’. A goneburger.  She came ‘back’ about 10 mins later, none the worse for wear.

I didn’t feel the vortex this time at Omapere but I was  very drawn to a rock behind the lookout.  It felt very powerful, it felt very crystalline – a feeling I hadn’t experienced from it before.  It also looked tall and straighter…

The light at Omapere was also so gorgeous. Very hard to explain light eh.

The final stop was at the Waiipoua Forest to visit  Tane Mahuta -it’s a really quick drive from Omapere through goregous NZ bush lined roads…  so so beautiful.

We pulled up at the entrance way to the short walk to Tane  and couldn’t believe so many people were still around because it was getting dark and there are no street lights…just bush.  We sat for quite a long time in the car watching cars come and go.

Finally we got out, strolled for five minutes and stood beneath this great and magnificient  being   The first time I saw Tane I nearly fell over; I was so surprised to see a tree so large and ‘present’. By present I mean so clearly part of the landscape, like a mountain or river is part of the landscape…big and ‘permanent’ like that. (I don’t believe in the word permanent-Christchurch taught me that –  but you know what I mean..it seems permanent.

My friend and I decided to tone.  As we decided this..everyone disappeared.  One minute there were people coming and going, next minute there was only us.  We toned in the presence of Tane…it felt good.  When we finished people began appearing around us again.

The final stop was just a little way down the road…to see the four sisters.  The sisters are four slender, glorious, glamorous sheilas.  Kauri goddesses. They look like they are dancing in a circle wearing gossamer gowns.  Why didn’t I take pics so you could see them?  I’ll go back soon and do that!

On the way home…it rained like crazy.  Funny because the forecast was that it would rain all day. It was wonderful, to connect to these special places again.

These jewels beckon me.

Hokianga Hi-Lights


Hokianga  Hi-Lights

A friend and I went on a little trip to the Hokianga. This is humming bird cake from Rawene’s Boatshed Cafe. It was at this cafe that we learnt about the Koutu boulders, not far from Opononi, which look very similar to Moeraki’s famous ones.

We went to see these beauties…more about this trip next post.

The Fulcrum Point

That last post about the chocolate fish….that was great fun.  I really enjoyed learning  about Seatoun’s turquoise Chocolate Fish ….and Scorching Bay sounds wonderful….in summer.  Thanks Almondog and Eileen for your great comments!!  And I learnt more about the Lord of The Rings hang outs.  I like that sort of information – quirky eating places with good stories.

I am in the midst of the legging photo.  I am negotiating with my legs.  They turned out to be quite shy.  This was news to me…when I said I was taking a photo of them decked out in ‘colour’ they thought they’d go….Yay…we get to be on tele….

You see….when I tried the leggings on at Enz of The Earth…a very cool shop in Kerikeri last week….my legs were all….oooooh, we’re so cool, look at us, look at us, look at us.  Even the person managing the shop that day said….nice legs.

So I don’t know why suddenly they’ve come over all coy.  But rest assured…I’ll talk them around.

I am swishing in energy…..but I’m not being  buffeted any more. I still have to talk about mundane things (nothing’s mundane but you know what I mean) while all this energetic movement in me and around me is taking place. Keeps me on the ground …talking about the things I see around me.

This energy coming through me…it looks  a bit like the auroras…lights swirling.  It feels like the solar winds – energetic shock waves pulsing through my body.  That sounds painful….it isn’t.

The weather has been absolutely incredible for a week or so. It is acting like the equinox. Sept 22 is the date of the equinox.  Our weather at spring equinox is all rain, sunshine, wind/rain, sunshine, lots of rain, bright sunshine.  This list of weather can all  happen within an hour.  All of the above.

I went to pick up my friend Wendy from the airport on Sunday – she flew down to Auckland the day before to babysit her mokopuna (her grandkids) for one night .

As the little plane (I think it carries about 16 people) came in for landing on Sunday afternoon…the weather decided to ‘play up’.  The winds blew everything up and out, the clouds fall down from the sky, the rain splashed the tarmac.  The little plane flew round and round …we couldn’t see them or hear them…too much weather making sounds.

Then suddenly the clouds broke open and it was quite peaceful.  This happened within 5 mins.

Wendy enjoyed the free rollercoaster ride as the plane jumped around in the sky and the pilots circled waiting for clearance to land.

She was impressed when the landing gear came down and then  went up again…it meant she could have a bit longer on the big dipper ride.  She is such a kid…which is why I like her.

She said the passengers all clapped when the wheels hit the ground.    She was clapping for the neat turbulence experience.

I am clapping the neat turbulence coming through me too.

Spring equinox…a time when day and night are equal length, the time of balance, a fulcrum point.  Also  a time of change from one season to another…… from one paradigm to another, from one dimension to another.

What will solstice be like eh!!