Afternoon skies in North Otago

Afternoon skies in North Otago

Here’s another picture. See the blue sky below the yellow line of cloud….this is a very unusual sight for us Far Northerners. That particular yellow was unusual to us too. There was no brightness in the sun either…
A few frames before this one, they were taken in quick succession, the sky was smeared with black clouds. There was no a hint of rain though.

4 thoughts on “Afternoon skies in North Otago

  1. I lived down in Otago for a few years and it did possess a kind of moodiness. There is a very similar quality here in Scotland so it is no surprise that Dunedin is almost a replica of Edinburgh and where most of the Scots settled when they went out to NZ. Dunedin is what Edinburgh used to be called in the Gaelic language too.
    These kinds of days which could be nights have such an unearthly quality to them which rather lends itself to thoughts of other lands … other worlds … other dimensions …
    It is a dreamy landscape and the skies echo this a times.
    Oooh … look at me rambling on and waxing lyrical and it is not even 9.30 in the morning … best get some breakfast. 😉
    Lovely photos you have been sharing Denise… thank you

  2. didn’t win that poetry competition for nothing eh…do I remember that right….

    .lovely comment…where days could be nights. Yes, that’s part of why we loved that sky, it had a quality of night in it…and also other dimensions.

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