Makarora -South Island New Zealand

Makarora -South Island New Zealand

Blue Pools.

I was listening to Judy Satori’s event from Malaysia today. She talked about creating the picture of a still clear mountain lake.

These Blue Pools aren’t exactly in the mountains but they gave me a feeling of clarity and depth when I gazed at them earlier this year. And over the last two months I have been reminded of them often, this is what clarity looks like to me….when I find it. It is the colour of clarity. Clarity only lasts for a moment – hehehe ….I don’t want certainty eh.

A moment of clarity…until the next moment.

3 thoughts on “Makarora -South Island New Zealand

  1. Oh my …. ley me in there
    ( Mm… typo alert … am writing this in the dark … at 4.30pm!!!!!!!!!! )
    Ley … as in ley line … energy pool … I want in!

  2. ..I got up at 4.30 am…was dark!!!!!!
    These pools were so gorgeous. The first time Thelma and I went to see them, they had been churned up by a lot of rain and were chalky coloured. We were all ‘yep we thought so’ cos all that trip we kept coming up to signs saying ‘blue pools this way’ and they’d be….well, one lot were definitely green….
    So it was fantabulous to behold actual factual blue pools.

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