Feijoa in flower

Feijoa in flower

I have never really looked at a feijoa flower until recently. The structure and colour and creative expression embraced in a feijoa flower ….well, I had ‘a moment’. My eyes drank in the pure beauty of the sight.
From this lovely flower comes a most delicious fruit. How you tried them….mmmmmmmmm

4 thoughts on “Feijoa in flower

    • Sounds lush ..however I do just love them as they are … you know me `Don’t go changin…’ hahahaha!
      Used to be able to just pick them on the way down to the shops in Havelock …. no feijoa trees here ;-(
      What about babacos ….. oooh … I LOVE them … my favourite fruit .. do they grow up in your neck of the woods…?

  1. I do remember babacos but I didn’t ever taste one and they seem to have disappeared from people’s memories…up here anyway. Someone said that they started growing them to export to Japan but babaco in Japanese meant prostitute and so they didn’t sell over there. It was a funny story and may or may not be true.

    There is a cherimoya tree here. Do you know them…they are so delicious. They taste like a tropical custard.

    When I was a kid my grandmother used to serve up raw feijoas and tree tomatoes (tamarillos ) together. They were yummy.

    I agree that raw feijoas are delicious.

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