Quiet Times

Since I’ve been doing Judy Satori’s Mastery of  Mind….things have gone weird(er).

I have absolutely no concept of time. And everything feels so quiet all day…like the time before dawn…

In Judy’s  recorded event from Singapore, someone says there is light before dawn…it reminded me of when I first discovered light after dusk.  I was out on the beach with my friends the dogs.  The sun went down and dusk settled in….then, another light filtered through.  Hard to explain it really except it is possibly called a time of power, when the veils are thinnest and energy pours in. It felt amazing and also fascinating to discover this light after dark.

 Anyway this quietness…with it there is a feeling of  expectancy.  Like a pregnant pause.. And a nearly audible sigh.

The thing about time now. Things that happened at the beginning of the year seem a decade back in history. Yet the year has flown by.

I have no idea how the passage of time feels anymore. An hour, a minute, a second …they’re all the same to me now.  


2 thoughts on “Quiet Times

  1. I lost the sense of time too. I cannot remember which day/date we are at! I suppose it is not important anymore as we are here, there, everywhere at one time. Concept of Time changes with the new shift.
    I had a big electric shock when listening to Judy’s Mastery of Mind Day2 #13. It was intense!!

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