Aoraki-Mount Cook

Aoraki-Mount Cook

On the South Island Mu trip in Sept, I ducked down to Aoraki. The drive to the mountain is one of my favourites, beautiful scenery…this picture is typical of the views, I just jumped out of the car and took the photo over a fence.

Aoraki got me pretty enthused a few years ago when I was with a friend who shot some pics of it at dusk and an unusual moon-like orb appeared in some of the photos.

Something is going on there as the calendar is moving into December 2012. I don’t know what it is…but I can feel something. Pretty precise information I’m giving you here, eh.

I began listening to Judy Satori’s Mastery of Mind Day Two yesterday. I can tell you that after a week of listening to track three of day one…well, it shook me up a bit during the last few days. Got quite desperate for a while there. Amazing how quickly I would flip in and out of these stirred up emotions.

Aoraki is the throat chakra of New Zealand. and the throat chakra corresponds to the 5th dimension.

Just thought I’d mention that!

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