This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius♫ ☼

Disintegrating, a complete breaking down…I love those words right now.

It feels like a time of black holing.  I love black holes, after you fall into one you completely disassemble – you become a compressed dot of energy, a potentiated expression of possibilities….then you get to experience of one those possible expressions. After an explosion….there you are, rebirthed into another experience.

I like explosions.

It is my experience that black holes aren’t exactly black anymore.  They’re not even murky coloured.  There is a stillness, a lethargy and equally a pregnant pause, an expectancy.  Sort of like being cocooned in a holding space…a bit like being quarantined until it is the right time to go out.


I was just watching someone called Yantara Jiro on a youtube interview.  I have heard of him via Judy Satori’s website.  He is wonderful to look at…he seems neither male or female. He was talking about how people say one thing but their energy tells the opposite story.

I was watching him being interviewed…it was funny, the interviewer was saying something and I watched Yantara read the energy while hearing the words to see if they matched.  It is fascinating to watch people read energy..makes me laugh for some reason. Maybe because when there was a mismatch between the words and the energy, there’s a certain expression on Yantara’s face.


I wrote that yesterday.  It’s funny, there’s that saying “cream comes to the top.” meaning the best bit rises.  Is that a saying or did I just make it up?  Anyway it feels the opposite right now, the murky stuff from depths is coming up.This morning I woke up thinking about a particular incident where I felt persecuted.  This incident has no hold over me anymore but it still came to the top.

Do  I still feel persecuted by the incident. No. Do I feel any ill feelings about the person involved. Mmmmm, I had to think about that. There was a bit of upset when I though of him  Workin’ on that bit.

Persecution….it’s a strange looking word, sounds a bit like execution and electrocution.

I’m feeling that breaking apart again…

Breaking apart, what I feel energetically is that the breaking apart that’s happening now is like a call to truth.  My own truth…and that it’s ok now to feel it and know it.  There is or will be no persecution if I live my own truth.

All those other lifetimes where it’s been terrifyingly dangerous to express truth…those days are gone.

I see a time when words spoken and energy expressed will match. There’ll be no mismatch.

I can hear  the music of singing bowls….

3 thoughts on “This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius♫ ☼

  1. >All those other lifetimes where it’s been terrifyingly dangerous to express truth…those days >are gone.

    I love that. We can finally express the truth and be the soul-self. Freedom!!

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