The End

I am ending Metewa.  I’ve started another blog called Emerging. I would post a link…but I am incompetent and don’t know how to do that.

Thanks for dropping by over the last year.  I’ve enjoyed your company.


John Lennon Speaks


The moon was  bright last night.

I woke up at 1 am and listened to a few tracks of  Judy Satori’s Mastery of Mind. It was nice listening in the moonlight – peaceful.

I was thinking about the moon last night…since it was up there being all bright and breezy. I was thinking how earlier this year it suddenly looked different.  I went to look at it one night on a full moon and the ‘face’ of it was not the same as the one  I knew.

I know..I’s hard to make sense these days.

Anyway….moving right along. Annnnnyway, I was driving over the crown range in late Sept this year, which is a very high mountainy barren bit of the South Island of NZ…. and there coming up over some rugged landscape was the full moon looking exactly like I remembered it before it went all weird on me.


Some months ago I had  experiences when I saw the moon visibly moving in front of my eyes.  Moving clouds can give the impression of that sometimes….but it wasn’t anything to do with the clouds.

I haven’t had that happen since then.


Here’s something new though.  I don’t know if this has something to do with binoculars – if somehow the lenses in binoculars sometimes separate out the light spectrum- but when I looked at the moon last night through the big glasses, there was a beautiful blue outline along the left side of the moon and a yellow/orange outline along the right side.

Really beautiful. The delicate blue line was so pure blue. Crystal clear.   I wished I could have taken a photo.

…..I just ‘randomly’ opened a magazine, the page that appeared has a John Lennon quote.  “The more real you get, the more unreal the world gets”.

It’s true eh.

This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius♫ ☼


Disintegrating, a complete breaking down…I love those words right now.

It feels like a time of black holing.  I love black holes, after you fall into one you completely disassemble – you become a compressed dot of energy, a potentiated expression of possibilities….then you get to experience of one those possible expressions. After an explosion….there you are, rebirthed into another experience.

I like explosions.

It is my experience that black holes aren’t exactly black anymore.  They’re not even murky coloured.  There is a stillness, a lethargy and equally a pregnant pause, an expectancy.  Sort of like being cocooned in a holding space…a bit like being quarantined until it is the right time to go out.


I was just watching someone called Yantara Jiro on a youtube interview.  I have heard of him via Judy Satori’s website.  He is wonderful to look at…he seems neither male or female. He was talking about how people say one thing but their energy tells the opposite story.

I was watching him being interviewed…it was funny, the interviewer was saying something and I watched Yantara read the energy while hearing the words to see if they matched.  It is fascinating to watch people read energy..makes me laugh for some reason. Maybe because when there was a mismatch between the words and the energy, there’s a certain expression on Yantara’s face.


I wrote that yesterday.  It’s funny, there’s that saying “cream comes to the top.” meaning the best bit rises.  Is that a saying or did I just make it up?  Anyway it feels the opposite right now, the murky stuff from depths is coming up.This morning I woke up thinking about a particular incident where I felt persecuted.  This incident has no hold over me anymore but it still came to the top.

Do  I still feel persecuted by the incident. No. Do I feel any ill feelings about the person involved. Mmmmm, I had to think about that. There was a bit of upset when I though of him  Workin’ on that bit.

Persecution….it’s a strange looking word, sounds a bit like execution and electrocution.

I’m feeling that breaking apart again…

Breaking apart, what I feel energetically is that the breaking apart that’s happening now is like a call to truth.  My own truth…and that it’s ok now to feel it and know it.  There is or will be no persecution if I live my own truth.

All those other lifetimes where it’s been terrifyingly dangerous to express truth…those days are gone.

I see a time when words spoken and energy expressed will match. There’ll be no mismatch.

I can hear  the music of singing bowls….

Aoraki-Mount Cook


Aoraki-Mount Cook

On the South Island Mu trip in Sept, I ducked down to Aoraki. The drive to the mountain is one of my favourites, beautiful scenery…this picture is typical of the views, I just jumped out of the car and took the photo over a fence.

Aoraki got me pretty enthused a few years ago when I was with a friend who shot some pics of it at dusk and an unusual moon-like orb appeared in some of the photos.

Something is going on there as the calendar is moving into December 2012. I don’t know what it is…but I can feel something. Pretty precise information I’m giving you here, eh.

I began listening to Judy Satori’s Mastery of Mind Day Two yesterday. I can tell you that after a week of listening to track three of day one…well, it shook me up a bit during the last few days. Got quite desperate for a while there. Amazing how quickly I would flip in and out of these stirred up emotions.

Aoraki is the throat chakra of New Zealand. and the throat chakra corresponds to the 5th dimension.

Just thought I’d mention that!

Quiet Times

Since I’ve been doing Judy Satori’s Mastery of  Mind….things have gone weird(er).

I have absolutely no concept of time. And everything feels so quiet all day…like the time before dawn…

In Judy’s  recorded event from Singapore, someone says there is light before dawn…it reminded me of when I first discovered light after dusk.  I was out on the beach with my friends the dogs.  The sun went down and dusk settled in….then, another light filtered through.  Hard to explain it really except it is possibly called a time of power, when the veils are thinnest and energy pours in. It felt amazing and also fascinating to discover this light after dark.

 Anyway this quietness…with it there is a feeling of  expectancy.  Like a pregnant pause.. And a nearly audible sigh.

The thing about time now. Things that happened at the beginning of the year seem a decade back in history. Yet the year has flown by.

I have no idea how the passage of time feels anymore. An hour, a minute, a second …they’re all the same to me now.  


The Eye


The Eye

You probably can’t see it in these photos…even though on my camera
the eye’ is visible.
…there was a very subtle rainbow colour in a circle around the sun, beyond the sun’s ray. A corona sort of thing. A circle of clouds formed on outside of the corona (if that’s what it’s called) which gave the appearance of a eye. Really, it did! I’m probably not selling you on the idea with this photo eh.
Anyway…it was pretty spectacular…the eye… not the eclipse. Didn’t see much evidence of one except for a slight dimming of the light.

Feijoa in flower


Feijoa in flower

I have never really looked at a feijoa flower until recently. The structure and colour and creative expression embraced in a feijoa flower ….well, I had ‘a moment’. My eyes drank in the pure beauty of the sight.
From this lovely flower comes a most delicious fruit. How you tried them….mmmmmmmmm

Makarora -South Island New Zealand


Makarora -South Island New Zealand

Blue Pools.

I was listening to Judy Satori’s event from Malaysia today. She talked about creating the picture of a still clear mountain lake.

These Blue Pools aren’t exactly in the mountains but they gave me a feeling of clarity and depth when I gazed at them earlier this year. And over the last two months I have been reminded of them often, this is what clarity looks like to me….when I find it. It is the colour of clarity. Clarity only lasts for a moment – hehehe ….I don’t want certainty eh.

A moment of clarity…until the next moment.

Afternoon skies in North Otago

Afternoon skies in North Otago

Here’s another picture. See the blue sky below the yellow line of cloud….this is a very unusual sight for us Far Northerners. That particular yellow was unusual to us too. There was no brightness in the sun either…
A few frames before this one, they were taken in quick succession, the sky was smeared with black clouds. There was no a hint of rain though.